Astro Eclipse


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Sheridan Williams FRAS

Sheridan was the Director of the Computing Section of the British Astronomical Association ( and is a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society. A seasoned eclipse-chaser he has seen 17 total solar eclipses and has written several eclipse books and publications on eclipses. As the Astronomy Expert for various tour companies he has taken groups to places as diverse as Siberia, the Sahara, Atacama and Gobi Deserts, Madagascar, Antigua, Tahiti, China, India, Morocco, Libya, Sulawesi and the US to witness astronomical events such as eclipses, aurorae (Northern Lights) and meteor showers. He has also led tours to observatories and other astronomical locations. His most recent excursion was to the total solar eclipse in August 2017 to see the Great American Eclipse. Sheridan has probably seen more total solar eclipses than anyone in Britain and can claim to be Britain's leading eclipse expert.

In the 1970s he worked as a Rocket Scientist with the Ministry of Defence using early valve-based digital computers and analogue computers; later he ran his own computer company for 20 years before he retired. He now spends his time travelling and compiling the astronomy pages for Whitaker's Almanac. He is also the education tour guide at the National Museum of Computing with Colossus (the world's first programmable electronic computer) located at Bletchley Park ( He also takes tours around the Open University's George Abel observatory and gives talks to clubs and societies.